Cerftified Eheese Expert Matt Caputo says:
Surprising as it may be, I am able to admit to myself that Caputo's does not have a monopoly on fantastic cheeses. This week's cheesy bit is brought to us by Andy Fitzgerrell at the Sugarhouse Whole Foods. He is a fantastic cheese monger and is one of three Certified Cheese Professionals (CCP) in Utah (myself and Troy Petersen at Caputo's on 15th are the other two).
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Look for an article on Utah's Certified Cheese Professionals and other master mongers in the July/August issue of Salt Lake magazine.)

More importantly he is one of the nicest guys in town. He used to work at Caputo's and despite now being a "competitor" we are better freinds than ever and he and I collaborate on cheese "research" regularly.
But I digress. Cheese. My pick this week is from Avalanche Cheese Company in Basalt, Colorado. It is their Chevre. You may be thinking to yourself, "Chevre? Really, Chevre? Not very exciting." You would be wrong.

Avalanche's sanitation practices and speed to cheese make after milking must be profound, because while most Chevre have pretty intense acidity and goatiness, Avalanche is the cleanest Chevre I have ever tasted. It is almost like an ever so slightly chalky cream cheese, with faint notes of bread and caramel. A very subtle cheese with a broad array of nuances.

Sitting here with the windows open on this warm evening with fresh crusty bread smeared with Avalanche Chevre and my favorite rose has made it official. Spring is here. Go buy some Avalanche from Andy.