With blue skies and warmer temperatures, it seems like spring is right around the corner. For this month's Gallery Stroll, check out the show at Art Access. Clay Arts of Utah is presenting the aptly titled show, "Biomimicry," which includes pieces inspired by the natural world. See a range of works in clay, all celebrating the wonders of nature, including the bloom of spring. Learn more about the show, and see video interview with Karen Gladstone, President of Clay Arts of Utah in the latest edition of 15 Bytes

One of Salt Lake's newest galleries, Concept, has vibrant works of art on display including new pieces by the co-owner, John Harris. All the artwork and furniture at Concept is locally made, much of it on-site. Don't miss the unusual concrete work by Jeffrey Potts, including his "Tufted Bench," and "Croc Pott." The later is his signature piece and it's a large planter made from concrete that has the sheen of crocodile skin.

Last week, you may have gone to Finch Lane Gallery to see the "35x35" exhibition, work by 35 artists all 35-years-old or younger. The show was put together by Artists of Utah and will be up through April 26. If you want to meet the founder of Artists of Utah and take at look at the work he's been doing as an artist in residence through Lab@theLeo, drop by the Leonardo tonight. Tonight only, admission to the lab is free.

With the weather warming up, it's the perfect change to head outdoors and enjoy Gallery Stroll.

A sculpture by Paul Gladstone that will be on display at Art Access as part of the show presented by Clay Arts of Utah. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Shawn Rossiter, founder of Artists of Utah, working on a piece as part of his residency at Lab@theLeo

Unique artwork and furniture can be seen at Concept, including this tufted bench made entirely out of clay by Jeffrey Potts. Photo courtesy of Artists of Utah.