In the US, more than 140,000 people die every year from stroke. Quite often, those who survive struggle daily.

Salt Lake magazine publisher John Shuff recently wrote about his neighbor, former actor Rick Rogers, who suffered a stroke. Rogers' constant battle is a true lesson in coping (click here to read the story).

Luckily, University of Utah researchers are conducting stroke research to prevent cases like Rogers'.

The Intra-operative MRI System (IMRIS) combines the imaging of MR and fluoroscopy and is housed in a three room suite at the Clinical Neurosciences Center. The new equipment will help doctors determine the damage to brain tissue in real time either during or immediately after a stroke. The equipment can provide unparalleled diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Check out our video from the unveiling, with some words from former patient Randy Horiuchi and the signs that someone may be having a stroke: