Utah is a vortex of outdoor activities, providing ample world-class winter sports and summer escapes. But each of these has a season, and consequently a yearly end. Still others, such as skydiving, require lots of time or money—a luxury most of us don’t have. 

Which is why uprooting sports traditionally held outside and transplanting them inside for year-round training and play has become a hot trend. The translation from outdoors to indoors isn’t perfect, but it’s always accessible and always fun.

No Plane Needed

Skydiving is not for everyone. To merely stand alongside the open door of a plane requires mastery over evolutionary phobias, each designed to keep humans squarely on the ground. But these fears also keep us from the thrill of flight—an envy-soaked longing as ancient as our fear of heights and falls to death. Above this emotional tug-of-war sits iFLY, a unique facility in Ogden that offers the opportunity to have your phobia-free cake and a free fall too. 

Often tabbed as indoor skydiving, iFLY is a vertical wind tunnel that generates wind speeds in excess of 100 mph—fast enough to make nearly anyone weightless—and is one of only 15 such facilities in the world. Because a single session offers two minutes of flight time, or the equivalent of three jumps out of a plane, professional skydivers from around the world join more pedestrian crowds to take advantage of the condensed atmosphere of the tunnel.

Visitors don’t need to bring any of their own equipment, and professional flyers provide instruction and oversight for each session. And it appeals to all skill levels and ages—the youngest flyer was 3 years old and the oldest 91. $49 for two one-minute sessions, 2261 Kiesel Ave., Ogden, 801-528-5348, iFLYutah.com

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