Ray's Barbershop

In our April 2013 issue, we ran a story on Murray Mayor Dan Snarr's 17-inch mustache and manscaping products to pick up. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit these great tips from Ray Francom at Ray's Barber Shop on shaving. 

1. Prepare your facial hair by putting heat to the hair—either use a steamed towel or shave right after or during a hot shower. 

2. Apply a good shaving cream or shave oil that will build up around the base of the hair follicle, allowing lift and making it easier for the blade to cut. 

3. You want to always use a sharp blade. Dull blades will cause the hair to pull, which causes irritation to the skin. I also suggest using the traditional double edge razors that have a single blade on each side, especially if you have a lot of irritation or sensitive skin. It will save you a lot of money in replacement blades.

4. While shaving, you want to keep the skin very tight. Stretch the skin out by spreading your fingers. This will make it easier for the razor to glide without the chances of nicking yourself. Imagine loose carpet as you move a couch over—eventually, it begins to buckle underneath. The skin will do the same and it makes it easy to nick yourself.

5. Always shave with the grain. The neck hair, especially, grows in all sorts of directions, so you have to be careful to shave with the grain. It is possible to shave against, which gives you the closest shave you can get, but most people are too sensitive to this type of shave. So, with the grain is the most comfortable. 

6. Apply a good after shave. This allows your pours to close and to fight against the irritation that you might receive from the shave. It also helps to make your skin more comfortable afterward.

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