Certified cheese expert Matt Caputo says:

Back in December I wrote about Caputo's Reserve Ossau Iraty. Not only are we sold out of Reserve Ossau, but none will be ready to release from the cheese cave until April. If you read my bit on Ossau, you know how I felt it was the best cheese in Caputo's. So, as you might imagine, we have had a lot of customers start hyperventilating when we tell them we are out. Some have even begged us to take a wheel out of the cave early. I guess having the window on the cheese cave can be cruel in situations like this.

Anyway, as the diehard Ossau customers are beginning to lose their cool, we have learned to quickly put a piece of Reserve Chabrin in their mouths. This immediately shuts them up. Cut to eyes rolling back and moans of delight. Antonia (our affineuse) has dialed the Reserve Chabrin to perfection. She and her assistant cheese agers, Jen and Karli, are taking our program to new heights and I dare someone to find a better execution of natural rind affinage in America.

For tasting notes see the Ossau article and replace sheep musk with a slight goat tang and notes of hay. Other than that, they are pretty similar.

If you are serious about cheese you must come try this. Don't wait though. While we are constantly releasing Basque cheeses from the cave, fine cheese is a dynamic thing and what is perfect today is gone tomorrow. By next week's post something else may have eclipsed the Reserve Chabrin. Or it will just run out. Trying to plan for today's demand 6 months ago is impossible to get exactly right and we would rather run out early than be forced to sell declining cheese.