I would just like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to you for your recent article on SHEROES United (Sharing Voices with the World, December 2012) and for covering our 2nd Annual SHEROES Salute to Women Veterans

In addition, I would like to express my admiration to your entire staff for a job well done—several times over. Every time I’ve had an opportunity to interact with any of you and then see the quality of output you create for the entire Salt Lake Valley, I must say I’m incredibly impressed. 

—Bridget Cook, director of public relations for SHEROES United

I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the amount of business your Salt Lake magazine article (America’s New Feast, December 2012) generated for Piñon Market. We had more orders than we have ever had and a great success with the split breast [featured on the magazine cover] for smaller families. On Thanksgiving, when I was elbow deep in stuffing, I was not sure if I should thank or curse you. Thank you so much for including me. 

I also want to thank you for posting the video for the SLCmixers event [on]. I had such a good time cooking with them. They were a great group of people, and I think a great time was had by all. 

—Victoria Topham, chef/owner of Piñon Market and Cafe

Thank you very much for your great review of Station 22 in Provo [on]. We have worked hard to achieve the results that you have highlighted, and we care deeply about our food. After our recent renovation, we have dialed in the speed and service side of things, but I am very pleased that you enjoyed your experience nonetheless. The best part about reviews is that they work great for training. 

I deeply appreciate your gracious review and for taking the time to give us a try. We’re a scrappy bunch down here in Provo, and though it’s not yet the most financially rewarding place to be located, we are doing our best to revitalize the area. Thank you very much, and we hope to see you again some time in the future.

—Richard Gregory, owner of Station 22


We misspelled the names of Cooper and Cameron Iacobelli in our story Take a Tube, which ran in our February 2013 -issue. In the same issue, we did not credit professional skier Caroline Gleich as the cover model.

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