High-style shops throughout Salt Lake City provide plenty of design inspiration, and Every Blooming Thing's new store is among them. From doors to decorative pieces, artisan Trent Keys' hand-crafted pieces give these new digs a showy dose of chic rustic style.

Working with Pam March of Every Blooming Thing, artist Trent Keys crafted this one-of-a-kind front door featuring weathered tin that shapes its antiquated look. To achieve the look, Marsh said Keys flattened the tin by driving over it repeatedly with his truck.

Oversized bolts perform like decorative nailhead trim on the front door.

Every Blooming Thing's Robert Upwall and Pam March stand behing their new counter crafted by Keys.

A section of an old beam serves as a distinctive display shelf on the shop's red wall.

Keys repurposed old weathered barnwood to create hand-crafted pedestals.

Keys' rocking horse features real horse hair as its tail.

Chicken wire, stretched at both ends with weathered branch segments, serves as creative backdrops for framed artwork.

A timely piece with Valentine's Day just around the corner, Keys' tin hearts celebrate the holiday with rustic charm.

Every Blooming Thing, 1344 S. 2100 East, SLC.

This post was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.