Artist's rendering of the Hope Lodge

It is fitting that a company dedicated to producing products that recognize the worth of an individual would contribute to another project with the same mission. This is precisely what happened this week when O.C. Tanner made a donation of $1 million toward the Hope Lodge campaign by the American Cancer Society of Utah.  

O.C. Tanner is characterized by the individual "employee recognition" industry it helped create as well as the individual medals for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and unique jewelry that graces the fingers and necks of people worldwide. "Human value is at the core and heart of what we do," says O.C Tanner CEO David Petersen who also serves on the Campaign Board for the Hope Project.  He says this is a valuable project that fulfills a great need.

The generous donation gets the American Cancer Society of Utah closer toward its $18 million goal to get the Hope Lodge off the ground next spring. The facility will provide a home away from home, free of charge, for cancer patients getting treatment here in Salt Lake City. Individual patients are a top priority since the Hope Lodge expects to operate at 85 percent capacity 365 days of the year. Pam Higginson, Hope Lodge Campaign Director, says that personal space in rooms, kitchens and common areas will provide the opportunity for people to take care of their own individual needs. 

While the Hope Lodge project moves forward toward ground breaking, the history of O.C. Tanner's involvement is very personal to the partnership. Higginson says that O.C. Tanner helped them launch this campaign a few years ago by assisting with the planning of last September's Hope Gala which raised awareness of the project in the community.  

"We are so grateful for our partnership with O.C. Tanner," Higginson says. She stresses that O.C Tanner's contributions have not just been monetary, but have also been philanthropic by increasing awareness for the programs and services offered by her organization.