HANG TIME, KILBY COURT, Saturday, Feb. 9, 7 p.m., $6

Given the members of relatively new local SLC band Hang Time, it's no surprise the tunes these kids have conjured are so damn tasty. Will Sartain, Cathy Foy, Andrew Sato and TJ Fitzgerald have delivered excellent varieties of pop-rock in past projects, and in Hang Time they collectively seem to be on the same fizzy, candy-coated wavelength throughout earworm-worthy tunes like "Bubble Bath," "Happy Place" and the album's opening party-starter "Awesome/Rad." (You can go listen to the entire album on the Hang Time Bandcamp page). Pack the kids and take them to this all-ages CD release party for the band's debut. Bright Whistles, Your Meteor and Koala Temple are also on the bill.