Testun al Foglie di Castagno is a pasteurized blend of cow and sheep's milk cheese from Piedmont, Italy. A very potent cheese with complicated flavors and textures.

How do simple milk curds arrive at such complexity? Rich mountain milk and unique aging techniques. After the curds are pressed into wheels they are wrapped in fresh chestnut leaves.

Many fresh nut tree leaves such as chestnut and walnut have a very minty fresh smell when fresh. As the leaves turn brown and oxidize on the wheel these minty, woody and fermenty aromas combine with the gamey mountain milks to create unmistakable aromas of whiskey and chocolate. The texture is equally complicated. In the mouth it begins granular and dry but almost instantly breaks down to the rich feel of tahini.
This is a pretty expensive cheese but is very strong so a little goes a long way.

Serve with bold tannic reds, big beers or even whiskey. It can stand up to them. Today some friends and I paired the cheese with Epic's Smoked & Oaked


and Slide Ridge CaCysir.

I am dying to go off on tangents to describe the awesomeness of these two Utah beverages, but just know that you are missing the revolution if you have not yet quaffed them. Check out the cheese at Caputo's.