Mere birthright alone doth not a Utahn create. What makes a true local? We say it is not the number of years you've lived within Zion's borders, but rather the zeal with which you explore all our state has to offer. If you're new, or if you're questioning your right to citizenship, we're here to help, with this refresher course. Check back for another experience to check off your list.

Nearly every year, Red Iguana is the top pick of readers in our Dining Awards Readers' Choice Awards. When it's not the top pick, it's definitely a runner-up. It also holds a place in our Dining Awards Hall of Fame.

The restaurant has been in the Salt Lake City community for nearly 30 years. It was started by Ramon and Maria Cardenas and immediately won the diners over. Now, run by the Cardenas' children, traditional recipes are still being served from the restaurant's kitchen. Of course, Red Iguana's popularity doesn't stop with its restaurant at 736 W. North Temple . . .

A second location, Red Iguana 2, is open at 866 W. South Temple, SLC.

If you're looking to get in and out quickly, Taste of Red Iguana is at City Creek Center.

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