Bringing a product to market can be challenging, and sometimes, downright messy. Though the profit from doing so could be rewarding, in the end, it takes a lot of planning.

The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is an annual event that brings a wide range of outdoor retailers, distributors and manufacturers together into one place to create partnerships and bring new products to us, the consumers.  

Thousands of men and women, representing businesses around the globe, meet at the Salt Palace in SLC for the three-day event, which feeds millions into the local economy. Along with the hundreds of exhibits showcasing new products that retailers may find profitable, Outdoor Retailer puts on seminars with tips and trends. 

While the first seminar we attended yesterday, the one on Durable Water Repellency (DWR), was quite interesting . . . we thought our readers would be more interested in the one on how fashion influences the outdoor industry.

"Fashion plus sport equals an urban outdoor style, and there's a market for that," says Haysun Hahn, who led the seminar and founder of Fast Forward Trending.

Men's fashion examples from Hahn's seminar presentation.

Hahn says she has found the way outdoor fashion has changed over time interesting, particularly for the guys. "I have really enjoyed watching the outdoor clothing for men change," she says. "In a way, they are becoming as peacocks; wearing brighter colors, more layers, and a variety of textures. I love it!" 

Hahn's slide showing what's being seen in outdoor fashion overseas.

Using examples from overseas, Hahn explains what the current trends are internationally as well.

More slides from Hahn's presentation. 

For women, many of Hahn's slides showed bright colors and repeating patterns throughout articles of clothing.

All of this information was soaked up by hundreds of local businesses to make sure they are keeping you trendy, hot, and desirable, even in the cold winter months when all of us are buried in layers of clothing.