Whether single, dating, engaged or married, everyone sometimes needs a good dose of advice. Making the right romantic decisions can sometime seem like a daunting task.

AmberMay Dating Services is a good place to start. Amber and Baya, AmberMay founders and dating experts, offer several services and advice for a wide range of people, including those seeking their match made in heaven and those who have already found their match but are looking to rouse the connection.

Based in Salt Lake City, AmberMay has seen great growth in its first year, delivering opportunities in the Salt Lake singles scene with singles mixers, speed dating events and personalized matchmaking.

But don't worry if you've heard such promising ideas before and it didn't pan out. Amber and Baya have devised new ways to help you meet your match. One such method is their "group-date," which allows you to enjoy the possibilities of a first-date without the awkwardness. Another is "Date Doctor," a service designed to walk men through the process of snagging the girl of their dreams.

Their website provides everything from sign-ups for upcoming events to articles detailing advice and date ideas. The website includes an extensive blog featuring "Dating Do's and Don'ts," "Mike's Man Corner," "Single in SLC" and the "AmberMay book club."

All in all, Amber and Baya are the go-to girls—providing not only advice, but real support and possibilities.

This post was originally published on utahbrideandgroom.com