Ushio Shinohara, who along with his artist wife Noriko (shown left with CUAC's Adam Bateman) are the subjects of a Sundance documentary "Cutie and the Boxer," demonstrated his "action painting" in Salt Lake City at the CUAC Gallery Monday night.

After the film was screened in Salt Lake City, 81-year-old Ushio donned boxing gloves wrapped in sponges. He dipped the gloves respectively in black and red paint and shadow boxed against a white paper sheet stretched across a wall of CUAC gallery.

Ushio's "boxing paintings' obviously have more to do with the performance spectacle—which delighted a packed CUAC crowd, many of whom were splattered with paint.

Ushio and cutie Noriko's art is being exhibited at CUAC through the film festival.

CUAC Gallery, 175 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City.