It's movie week in Utah, and everyone wants a piece of the action. In honor of Big Night, one of the biggest food movies to come out of Sundance, Chef de Cuisine Bill Reilly of the Promontory Mountain Club's Hearth restaurant is serving an Italian feast tomorrow for lunch. The main entree? A timpano, the legendary Italian extravaganza of a dish that starred as the Big Night's big meal deal.

Before that, guests will be served grilled endive, caponata, seafood risotto and roast chicken. Carlo Mondavi will pair Continuum wines with each course.

After Big Night became such a big hit, Big Night dinners were all the rage at Italian restaurants across the country. Everybody wanted to watch the movie, and eat the movie food and there were probably more timpani made in the U.S. 1996 and 1997 than there were in all the years before.

The extravagance of the dish is what gives it the glamor, not the deliciousness. The recipe as published in the cookbook Stanley Tucci published with his mother, calls for 2 cups of salami, 12 hardboiled eggs, 8 cups of ragu, 3 pounds of ziti, 2 cups of meatballs….and on and on, all inside a pastry dome. In its outrageousness, the timpani is worthy of Trimalchio's table.

We'll see. I'll be trying this legendary dish tomorrow; review to follow.