I'm going out on a limb here because obviously I haven't seen all the movies showing at Sundance 2013. But I can't imagine there could be a movie as engaging, innovative and just plain fun to watch as What’s He Building in There?  by Ricardo Rivera and Klip Collective.

There's just no other word but cool to describe the 3-D installation which wraps the exterior of the New Frontier venue at The Yard (1251 Kearns Blvd.. Inspired  by the Tom Waits song, the film moves from the projected doors of the venue past a bizarre meat-packing factory, into the lab of a mad scientist guy whose voice and movements recall the Edgar the Bug, Vincent d'Onofrio's character in Men in Black. There is also a postman, and giant mechanical eyeball, flames and a tongue involved.

And let me just say here that writing and posting pictures about successful filmmaking is one of the least satisfactory tasks there is. How do you translate light, motion and sound into flat symbols?

Anyway, take my word for it. Wait until dark, go stand under the headlamps, and nosh on a grilled cheese from Off the Grid food truck, which will be parked there for the duration of the festival.

Two fresh parmesan waffles sandwiching basil ricotta and Barely Buzzed Beehive cheese. Sweet tooth waffles and coffee are also available.

And as long as you're taking my advice, don't just stop outside. Inside, the New Frontier venue is packed with exciting work films, media installations, multimedia performances and transmedia experiences that "explore the convergence of film, art, new media technology and storytelling."

Like, I was fascinated by Joanie Lemercier's Eyjafjallalokull, though I wouldn't dare try pronouncing it. It's a 3-D mapping installation that recreates the huge eruption of the Icelandic volcano which paralyzed Europe in 2010. Settle in and watch the whole 16-minute cycle. It moves slowly at first, but this is geologic time we're talking about, people. Be patient and you'll be rewarded.