While I'm just a little obsessed with everything about women's fashion, men's fashion fascinates me nearly as much. Whether it's formal, for business, or casual and classy, there's just something about a well dressed man that can't be beat by just any tube of lipstick or pair of shoes.

So, when we get to throw up some men's style for Fashion Friday, I get a little giddy. This week, I chatted with Kristie Henderson, local Style Consultant for men's fashion brand, J.Hilburn. The brand's style runs the gamut of men's fashion, from fine business wear - like custom fit dress shirts made from fine Italian fabric - to ready-to-wear looks for more casual outings -cashmere sweaters, denim, polos, just to name a few.

One of the things that makes J. Hilburn unique is that it doesn't have any retail stores, but instead relies on the expertise of its Style Conslutants to find the most flattering and stylish pieces to fit each individual client. 

SLM: You don't have any retail stores, so tell us how J.Hilburn works exactly.

KH: All initial consultations are done through one of the 2,000 style consultants who work with J.Hilburn in the US. I work with clients by spending time understanding their needs: size/fit, style, and way of life. A first appointment takes about an hour, during which time I take about 12 measurements. We then choose fabrics and styles and create a variety of options for custom shirts, trousers, sport coats and suits. The client can create a formal shirt that he wears for business, or something more casual that he wears socially.

SLM: What does it mean to be a J.Hilburn Style Consultant?

KH: As a style consultant, I assist with everything from cleaning out someone’s closet, to selecting items that complement a man’s existing wardrobe, to creating an entirely new ensemble for a special occasion. I have some clients who are quite stylish and know exactly what they want and like to take risks. I have other clients who need a little more help, which is where I can add a lot of value and it is fun for me.

SLM: Why did you want to work with a brand centered on men's fashion?

KH:  Having lived in NYC, LA, and Europe, I have always loved fashion, and I’m also very customer service oriented. I was looking to rejoin the workforce after being home with my kids for several years, and J.Hilburn offered me a flexible way to start my own business and still have time with my family. For me, the rewarding part of this job is helping someone select an outfit, I deliver it 3-4 weeks later and he steps out in clothes that fit him perfectly and he has a giant smile on his face. Knowing that I’ve helped a client to look and feel great totally makes my day.

SLM: What sets J.Hilburn apart from other men’s stores in the surrounding area?

KH: The things that differentiate J.Hilburn are the custom fit, price point, and personalized service. Anyone can buy off the rack, but most guys don’t have off-the-rack body types. Every body is different and deserves to be sized correctly. For about what you would pay at Nordstrom, we completely customize a shirt for you. You pick the fabric, the collar, cuff, it is made just for you, and we have no minimum order. You pick out exactly what you need, no more or less. Moreover, we bring everything to the client’s home or office, he never has to step foot in a store. Many of my clients travel for work, so they are grateful for the time I save them.

Interested in learning more about the J.Hilburn brand? Get a feel for the process and the products by visiting the company's website at wwww.kristiehenderson.jhilburn.com or contact Kristie for a consultation, email kristie.henderson@jhilburnpartner.com.