In the looming bitter battle over gun regulation, the outcome will be a matter of which side mobilizes the most Americans. Gun rights in Utah and its cultural roots is something that Salt Lake magazine is following closely as part of our "Gun Lovin' Utah" in-depth feature.

Right now, aside from a willingness to sign online petitions, those favoring stricter regulations on assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, etc. haven't shown anything near the zeal of pro-gun folks to get personally involved—even down and dirty if necessary. 

This weekend, we will have an chance to see the mobilization might of the gun-rights grassroots. The Nutnfancy Project (not joking here) is calling for gun supporters to rally at state capitols across the nation on Saturday at high noon (local time). 

The call has gone out in Utah through various grass roots groups, shooting clubs, etc. According to the call to action email:

“The proposed [assault weapons ban] seeks to criminalize millions of good Americans is a power grabbing, Marxist attempt at people control. We stand and be counted NOW, not cower in our houses hoping for the best and ranting anonymously on the internet about crap that doesn't matter. Time to nut up or shut up.”

(Again, not making up the "nut up" part.)

The weather forecast for Utah's capital city is clouds, relatively balmy temperatures (32 degrees) and no precipitation. It'll be interesting to see the turnout.