Even though it’s chilly outside, it’s definitely worth getting bundled up to go check out this month’s gallery stroll.

Caineville Magpies by Mark Knudsen. Courtesy of the artist.

Don’t miss the opening reception at Phillips Gallery where lovers of Utah landscapes can get their fill through the visually stunning work of Mark Knudsen and Leslie Thomas. This pair captures our state’s world-famous red rock and paints images so appealing that you might just be tempted to pack your bags and head to Southern Utah. It’s fun to look at their work because they each take a very different approach to painting similar subjects. Leslie prefers oil paints and focuses on rich textures, while Knudsen works with acrylics and he is interested in the striking contrasts found in nature. Learn more about their styles in the latest edition of 15Bytes. Phillips Gallery is located at 444 E. 200 S. and they will be open from 6pm – 9 pm.

Entrada by Leslie Thomas. Courtesy of the artist.

While you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and check out the grand opening of the first fine book arts gallery in Salt Lake City, Red Queen Book Arts. You’ll find finely handcrafted books made from gorgeous materials. Also watch for the works featuring some of the very best in typography and cartography. Red Queen Book arts I located at 171 East Broadway and they will be open from 5pm – 9pm.

Art Access has cooked up something new with their Rose Park Artists group exhibit. See work that expresses the character of the neighborhood. Justin Wheatley was inspired to curate the exhibit when he noticed that many fellow artists had gravitated to the Rose Park area. His work will be on display along with pieces by Eric Erekson, Blue Critchfield, Erica Houston, Anikó Sáfrán, Ken Critchfield, Brandon Dayton, Sarinda Jones, Hikmet Loe and Tyler Williams. Be sure to check out the Access II Gallery where you can see photographs by Trisha H. Empey who captured images of the Sundance Film Festival when it was still a fledgling project of Robert Redford’s. Art Access is located at 230 S. 500 W. #125 and they will be open from 6pm – 9pm.

Dale Thompson is a writer at 15 Bytes, Utah's Art magazine, and is a contributor for Salt Lake magazine.