A few days I was ranting about the DABC's announcement that they intended to cite restaurants for serving diners a drink while they perused their dinner menu.

Today, according to Dawn Houses' article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Lt. Troy Marx of the State Bureau of Investigation announced the agency is backing off that letter-of-the-law interpretation.

The sigh of relief from restaurateurs and diners across the state wasn't quite enough to blow out this inversion, but it was huge.
The decision to conform with the rest of the civilized Western world will save Utah from considerable national embarassment.

So, here's to the cooler heads prevailing at DABC.

But, I still wonder who prompted the initial decision, and why; DABC directors have refused to be interviewed.
And until restaurants and the agency that controls so much of their bottom line can have a real conversation about the role of liquor in the business of hospitality–without fear of reprisal–those who make their living from serving food and drink live in an apparently capricious dictatorship.

Meanwhile, gun owners are marching on the Capitol to protest the government's "intrusion" on their right to own semi-automatic weapons and unlimited ammo.