Certified cheese expert Matt Caputo says:

You will notice that every week I say how "this" is the absolute best, or "my favorite" or something of the sort. Luckily man is not meant to have a monogamous relationship with cheese. Being infatuated with one does not mean you love the others any less.

Well, this week I have found a cheese that is proof of Italian supremacy when it comes to culinary art. It is a reminder of why Italian food became so dominantly popular in the first place. To get hold of this rare wheel I must pre-order six weeks in advance so this pecorino has not been subject to the damaging influence of a global distribution model like most Italian cheeses.

While the small company, Antica Cascina, has only been making cheese for just over 15 years, they are doing it the way it was done hundreds of years ago without compromise for the mass market. Nothing is striking my palate right now quite like L'Alveare, a beeswax covered sheep's milk pecorino cheese from near Bologna, Italy.

The beeswax is uniquely permeable and allows the cheese to properly age while still retaining higher moisture than any pecorino I have tried of similar age also lending a hint of honey aroma. Try it with fresh bread and salumi before a meal. Amazing. When Italians do it right, it is impossible to beat.

Available at Caputo's Deli.