Okay, most of us have long completed our holiday decorating, but for those of you who have a little last-minute decking of the halls to do, may I suggest incorporating pine cones? I've seen them used all over town to add a festive touch to everything from outdoor pots to floral displays.

Here's a bit of inspiration to get you going:

Large pine cones adorn the Waldorf Astoria's beautiful Christmas tree in Park City.

Oversized pine cones also add a festive finish to this outdoor pot at Cactus & Tropicals.

Ward & Child—The Garden Store displays them on a footed plate.

Ward & Child—The Garden Store mixes them with greens, berries and candles in a robust arrangement.

They also pile glass pine cone ornaments in a bowl for a wintery display.

Park City's Waldorf Astoria incorporates them into a display of blooming amarylis.

Vinto adds pine cones to a floral display as well.

Vinto's pine cone ball entertains counter dining enthusiasts.

This post was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.