Certified cheese expert Matt Caputo says: If you pay attention to the cutting edge in the cheese world you already know that the cheese geeks in San Francisco and New York are all hot and bothered about Couronne de Touraine.

This doughnut shaped soft ripened goats milk cheese is made by a company called Cloche d'Or in the heart of France's Loire Valley. However, they are the epitome of perfection because Master Affineur (cheese ager), Rodolphe Le Meunier takes over cheese care after production and does all the aging.

In his cheese caves, Rodolphe is able to give them more TLC than any cheese producer could. Over the course of about 30 days aging in very humid caves the delicate surface mold is covered with tiny folds that are often referred to as having a "brainy" look.

Having recently won France's presidential award for affinage (cheese aging), no one is better at this than Monsieur Meunier. Around the rind the cheese has a very soft "cream line" and is still solid white in the middle. The paste is bone white and carries aromas of hay, leather, and mushrooms with a faint acidity of green apples.

This is quite simply the best Loire Valley cheese I have ever had. Pair it with a Sancerre, Vouvray or any Sauvignon Blanc will do nicely. If you don't feel like white, you are missing out but Couronne will also pair okay with Anjou or Bourgueil reds from The Loire.

This is the first shipment of this cheese into Utah and all cheese aficionados will want to try Couronne de Touraine. (Caputo's also carries five other Rodolphe Le Meunier cheeses.)