From kindergartener to college student to business professional, people of all ages freeze when asked to give a presentation or do any form of public speaking. SmartMouth Communications has helped people plan and prepare effective presentations through personal consultations and other resources for the last couple years, but now they have made it even easier to plan, practice and present without getting stage fright.

The SmartMouth App for the iPhone and iPad is a handy public speaking toolkit that guides you painlessly through a step-by-step process to create your presentation, giving you helpful hints and best practices along the way.

The SmartMouth app has been a little over a year in the making, and its creator Beth Levine is well versed in effective public speaking, having worked as a Communications Coach for more that 20 years. Now she is sharing a condensed version of her knowledge in this handy little app. Equipped with outline guides, journal space for notes, ways to organize and label different speeches and best of all a feedback section for you to record and review how to do better the next time, SmartMouth App for iPhone and iPad is a nice way to stay calm and collected. You can even email your SmartMouth-planned speech to yourself so you can add images or access it from a laptop, desktop or wherever you may need it.

The SmartMouth App is available in the US on the Apple App Store for only $6.99.

Future plans include add-ons for help with simpler speeches such as toasts, thank you remarks, etc. Click here for more information about SmartMouth Communications and the SmartMouth App.

So check out this locally-made app.