Salt Lake magazine sat down earlier this year with Kade Smith to get the back story of the local singer, and now we are excited to announce the debut of his new album, "Merry Christmas From Me." 

Kade's fresh, eclectic, classic, jazz-infused sound is transforms some older songs as new holiday classics in the album. 

“Music has always played a huge part in my life," Kade says. "For as long as I can remember, I have been singing and wanting to improve on my talent." 

One major player in this process has been producer, arranger and composer Richard Parkinson, whose credits include composing and arranging David Archuleta’s Christmas album, "Christmas from the Heart" and several up and coming artists.

Songs on the album include favorites like "I wonder as I wander," and a simple duet with local singer, Margie Chadburn, "Baby, it's Cold Outside." The best part of the album, however, is an original track by Kade, "Merry Christmas From Me".

Download the full album here from iTunes, or if you want, you can buy an actual CD from his website for $5. Visit for more info.