Have you ever been approached to play yourself in a movie? Most of us would say no and laugh the inquisitor out the door. Well, that's a little bit of what happened to Ben Banks

Bryce Clark, author and director, met Ben and began writing a script based on events in Ben's life. Bryce approached Ben and tried to get him to star in his movie. At first, Ben shook him off, went back to cutting meat at a local grocery store, but then the acting bug bit and Ben soon found himself filming with actresses Mischa Barton and Melora Hardin. 

Opening this weekend in select theaters, Ben Banks is a true(ish) story of one slacker's journey to find himself. Shot in St. George, this is another example of Utah film in action, with the beautiful red rock mountains providing a perfect background for Ben's story. 

The film will be showing this weekend, Dec. 7–9 at Megaplex Theatres in South Jordan, Cedar City and St. George.