Seven local stand-ups promise to have you in stitches at Stand-Up Utah!, on Thursday, Nov. 29 at Park City's historic Egyptian Theatre. Keith Barany, who compiled the show, says these seven will present the edgier, non-mainstream-Utah comedy that fits so well at the Egyptian, where stand-up comedy shows are presented about eight weekends out of the year. “The mountains wouldn't come to them, so the comics are coming up the mountain,” says Barany, a stand-up comic himself.  

Who you'll see: Steve Soelberg, Christian Pieper, Guy Seidel, Harris Alterman, Andy Gold, Mike Anderson and Emcee Marcus. 

Andy Gold

We had a chat with Andy Gold to get the story behind his comedy:

Why comedy?

"I started doing comedy in the summer of 2010. I had just gotten out of rehab—I'm a recovering heroine addict—and was looking for something to do that I loved. I've always been a kind of happy, funny guy. One night after six months of being clean I decided to go up during an open mic night. I loved it, and it just kept going from there."

Favorite subject material?

"I mostly write about my own life. I never have really specific topics. I talk a lot about recovery and sobriety. I use a lot of my life's experiences. It's really all about me and my life."

Best part of doing comedy?

"The best part of what I do is going home and writing a joke down that I've worked on, then seeing it come to fruition. Walking on the the stage and seeing that joke that you worked really hard on and having the gratification of seeing that the audience enjoys it—there really is nothing better or more satisfying."

Do you have a comedic role model?

"Mitch Hedberg is my favorite comedian. If I were to try and imitate his style it would be too obvious though. He has a really unique style and has absurd material that, if put in the wrong hands, would sound corny. He's really my favorite."

Any hobbies other than making people laugh?

"Honestly comedy has kind of been my life for the past couple months. I'm addicted to and obsessed with comedy. I do like the outdoors, however. I like to go outside of the city and go camping. I love Yellowstone and seeing all the wildlife."

Last thoughts?

"I'm really excited for this. The audiences in Utah are always better than people think they will be. People think Utah audiences will be hard to please, but I've found they are some of the very best. Just really looking forward to it!"