People Water Founder Jef Holm, CEO/President Ken Bretschneider, Co-founder Cody Barker

Clean water is often taken for granted, but its a hard-to-find luxury for many people all over the world. People Water, a local bottled spring water company, is looking to change that by giving an equal amount of clean water to a person in need for every drop in every bottle sold.

The crew is also supporting an exhibit at the Leonardo Museum, titled "Water: Nature's Driving Force," to support the cause. The installation will feature photos by Australian photographer Paul Blackmore through Jan. 23.

People Water is also getting together with The Leonardo for a black tie gala on Thursday, Nov. 29. 

Co-founder Cody Barker will give a speech on People Water's worldwide efforts, and the local company will introduce its new Haiti Project and raise money to fund a new well to bring clean water to thousands of people.

Contest: Do you want to be there? Leave a comment below giving us a rough estimate of how much water you drink in a day. We'll pick two commenters to win invites for two people to attend the gala. 

Winners will be notified via email on Nov. 28. To win, you must include your email in the designated field and be able to pick up your tickets from our office near Trolley Square.