Some presents are wrapped with care and the finest paper, some are presented in gorgeous bags and some are just thrown in a gift bag at the last minute. Really, it doesn't matter how the gifts shows up, what matters is the thought that went into it. (Of course, you always could have your gifts wrapped by the pros at Tabula Rasa, like those above.)  

And if you haven't already put together your list of gift-giving ideas, check out our gallery of holiday gifts from local shops.

Already got your list together? We'd like to award you for being prepared for holiday shopping by offering you dinner.

Contest : Leave us a comment below with your list of five people you're giving a gift and what gifts you will be buying for them. If we pick your list, you will win $100 to Texas de Brazil at City Creek Center. 

Make sure you leave your email in the designated field when you comment. We'll pick a winner via email on Friday, Dec. 14.

Hint: Feel free to use a different name for yourself if you don't want friends and family to see what you're buying them. You'll just have to give us your real name when we email you, if you do win the contest. And instead of putting the names of your loved ones, generic terms like mom, dad and cousin work fine.