We've all heard or told our fair share of the endless list of “blonde” jokes, but one local blonde became one when she and her husband were on a road trip to Idaho. Their four-minute debate about how long it would take to go 80 miles at 80 mph has caught the attention and laughter of millions of people across the world over the past year or so.  

We included the video below. Try not to get dizzy as you try to follow the hilarious logic behind her answer to a simple question.

Chelsea, as the blonde YouTube star is known, has had her formula for calculating distance, “just wack it in half.”

Now she and her husband are taking it one step further by teaming up with Blondes Make Better T-Shirts and Norwegian graphic designer/artist Lise Ellingsen to create a wittily self-deprecating tee:

Featuring the "complicated" question and complicated calculation, these funny t-shirts are now available for purchase, just in time for the holiday season. If you are interested in purchasing, make sure you watch the video on the official YouTube website to get a discount code for 40% off!  Click here for more information or to purchase t-shirts.