Next Tuesday November 13th is SB Dance's Cultural Confidential 3 Way Smackdown. Why should you go? Where else would you have the opportunity to see and talk to Stephen Brown (SBDance), Gary Vlasic, and Charlotte Boye-christensen (RWDC Artistic Director). Over the past 10 years, the three of of them have been responsible for a significant percentage of the local dance scene. It's not everyday that an event like this happens.

I asked Stephen how this idea came about: "Charlotte and I were talking in the mouth of City Creek a few weeks ago. She and I meet randomly on the trails. It's really weird. We talked about dance and had really different perspectives that we both respected. That was the germ to opening up the conversation with an audience. We're both friends with Gary and he was a natch to make it a well-rounded trio."

For audience members, this is a terrific opportunity to see short clips, hear what these three local dance leaders and innovators have to say about them, and chime in yourselves. In SB Dance style, it's a forum where you can ask questions that you might feel intimidated to ask otherwise. Respectful but not politically correct.

Cultural Confidential: 3-Way Smackdown Tue Nov 13th at 8pm • Rose Blackbox • $5 Arttix

Charlotte-boye Christensen (AD Ririe-Woodbury), Gary Vlasic (multimedia artist), and Stephen Brown (SB Dance) are your tour guides through the worlds of dance, theater, and performance. Each ones shows a short video clips as a jumping off point for a conversation among the panel and with the audience.