Maybe you're not stoked about The Fresh Beat Band coming in concert next week, but your little ones are, and when it comes down to it, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy the show, too. 

Abravanel Hall is known more for it's more-mature concerts, but it's the venue you'll see your preschooler's favorite band from Nickelodeon on Monday, Nov. 5. The band has been touring the country, and tickets are going fast everywhere. Salt Lake City's show tickets have already been on sale for a while, so swipe some for yourself while you still can.

And if you're not familiar with the TV band, just know that Kiki, Shout, Marina and Twist play kid-friendly music with titles like "A Friend Like You" and "Bananas."

Give them a listen right here:

Along with playing music for the kids, they teach valuable lessons through their program like the importance of friendship and working together. Kids also learn the fundamentals of music such as rhythm, tempo and melody.

Click here for tickets, which go for $27.50 to $39.50.

Abravanel Hall is located at 123 W. South Temple, SLC