One of the best things about Bountiful is its hometown vibe. The historic district of Main Street is filled with happy shop owners who are passionate about what they do and where they live, and make the shopping on Main unique and enjoyable. They know their customers personally and greet them with a smile.

It's always exciting to see a new shop open on Main, because we know it will have a touch of uniqueness and good old hometown hospitality, just like the other mom & pop shops surrounding it.

Touché is among the new street level shops below apartment living on the corner of 1st South and Main, and it's European facade lends a fun new rustic and inviting feel to the street.

It boasts the largest collection of Very Bradley items in the state, as well as footwear, jewelery, unique European toys and home and body care.

We chatted with shop owner, Tamara England, for a little insight into Touché.

SLM: The store sells a lot of fun things you can't find anywhere else, which do you think is most unique?

TE: Probably my cake pedestals. Last year, I was looking for a beautiful, quality cake plate to give as a wedding gift, and couldn't find one. I decided then that was something I wanted to have available in my store. We have a great selection of beautiful plates and domes in white, black, clear, red, depression glass green and the cutest pink you've ever seen!

SLM: What's the one thing in the store you can't live without?

TE: Hmm. I've said I should have named the store "My Favorite Things" because it's filled with everything I love! However, if I had to pick one item that was a must-have for me, it would be Vera Bradley's travel pieces and luggage.  Not only are they incredibly cute, but they're super functional with attention to detail - pockets in all the right places, zippered compartments, expandable luggage, and very durable.

SLM: I need a suggestion for a good birthday gift, what do you recommend?

TE: There are many great options whether your a girly-girl, student, business woman, or mom.  If I had to narrow it down and choose one thing, it would probably be something from the Thyme's line. There's a great selection of bath products, lotions, candles, and if it was a fall birthday, it would most definitely be something in the Fraseir Fir line!

Visit Touché at 116 S. Main Street in Bountiful.