Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? Salt Lake magazine is thanks to an awesome zombie survival kit we received this morning from The Advent Group, a local company that creates promotional materials. 

Take a look so you can create your own Zombie survival kit with what the Advent Group provided for us:  

Every kit needs instructions, and our instructions came in the form of a handy flowchart so we know exactly what steps to take. We start at the top of the chart.

If you are being attacked, you can either “Get Brave” or “Get Out.” If you choose to “Get Out,” make sure you avoid:

1. Cop cars

Press the wrong button and your siren might as well be a “free food” sign.

2. Truck stops

Just hold it! Zombie truckers know exactly where to look for vulnerable prey.

3. Rollerblades

Shoes with wheels might sound good now, but come to a flight of stairs and you're toast!

On the other hand, you can “Get Brave.”  Here are the things you will need if you choose this course:

1. Flashlight

What's scarier than zombies? Zombies in the dark. Don't forget a flashlight!

2. Fire

Warning: Zombies are extremely flammable, so light as many on fire as you can.

3. Bath Salts

These bath salts won't make you act like a zombie, but they'll wash the guts right off.

Once the zombies are gone, the final items in the kit are ready to be used:

4. Celebrate with a Twinkie 

An essential part of any post apocalyptic diet, they do expire, so eat 'em while you can!

5. Stock up 

Use your pen and pad to make a list of what you'll need next from The Advent Group.

If you need help preparing for a zombie apocalypse, a tradeshow or another important event, visit The Advent Group's website or call 801-214-9738.