For the past three years, we haven't missed KBULL 93's Pumpkin Drop from Trolley Square's water tower. If you missed it, we made sure we came back with footage for you to check out.

Hosted the by The Morning Moo Crew for the country station, Shotgun Jackson and Carly Cash, the drop takes 25 contestants to the top of the tower to see who can get their pumpkin to go through a hole in the car's roof. 

While some pumpkin splatter might hit the feet of bystanders after the 80-foot drop, it's the car that sustains most of the damage. This is especially true when the Giant Pumpkin is dropped. This year's competition was for George Strait and Eric Church concert tickets and a two-night getaway to Moab including lodging, dinner and a national parks pass.

Check out our video of the winning drop, along with the giant pumpkin and grand finale.

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