The screams might die down as Halloween ends, but laughter never goes out of style as comedian Paula Poundstone well knows. 

Popular for her frequent appearance as a panelist on NPR's Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me, Paula is a delightful performer with quick wit and intelligent humor. NPR’s Michigan Radio has deemed her one of the funniest people in public radio, and lucky for you, she is making an appearance at The Eccles Center in Park City on Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Poundstone’s brilliant use of everyday material is both startling and successful. Her unique ability to avoid dark or offensive topics makes her quite the favorite for families. She draws inspiration instead from her personal life: three children, 13 cats, motherhood, crazy travel schedule, frustrations with getting older, the list goes on. Her talent for engaging the audience in her funny dialogues twists even familiar events into objects with hilarious connotations.

Impressive improvisation places her on a pedestal next to seasoned jazz musicians, and she is described by The Boston Globe as having “always been able to wring funny material from what seems like tired comedic ground such as dogs and cats and airline food.

Poundstone has also published a book, There is Nothing in this Book That I Meant to Say. Her steady flow of wit will leave you happily reeling. Click here or call 435-655-3114 to purchase tickets.