This is WAY better than trick or treating!

From October 29 to November 4, Saffron Valley presents its second annual Kebab Carnival, billed as the "most aromatic and flavorful food festival this side of the globe."

The Carnival will represent clay oven delicacies from the northern part of India, famous for its tandoori cooking.  Take a look at some of your options:

Barrah Baluchi–Lamb chunks marinated in house special spices cooked in the tandoor

Chicken Tandoori–Chicken chunks marinated in yogurt, spices, cooked in the Tandoor

Saffron Machali–Chunks of salmon marinated in herbs, spices, carom seeds, cooked in the tandoor

Gobhi Gulistan–Spice-marinated cauliflower with mint, cream cheese and herbs cooked in the tandoor

Nihari Boti Kebab–Lamb chunks marinated in cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic and cooked in an open flame

Reshmi Kebab–Chicken marinated in flavorful spices and braised.

Guests can choose from vegetarian and non-veg menus featuring more than 30 different kebab selections. Each kebab entree comes with the rice of the day, green salad or soup of the day and chutneys.

Saffron Valley is at 1098 W. South Jordan Pkwy., in South Jordan. Hours are 11AM-3PM and 5PM-10PM. Hey, it's open Sundays.