Todd Oldham for Sundance Institute Notebook, Sundance Institute and Todd Oldham

The Sundance Film Festival is gearing up for its 2013 season with a brand new merchandise thanks to artist/designer Todd Oldham. As Sundance Institute Executive Director Keri Putnam puts it, “Sundance Institute is known for supporting and collaborating with artists of great vision, and Todd Oldham is one such artist.”

We think he's pretty cool, too. The limited edition materials are being produced solely for the 2013 festival. Also offered are several pieces from other artists and Sundance Institute alumni such as Mike Mills, Parker Posey, Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris and Jon Waters. These artists will be contributing to the special collection with items such as totes, buttons, patches and T-shirts.

In addition, a unique art book titled Sundance Film Festival A to Z will be displaying the works of 26 renowned illustrators from Wesley Allsbrook to Jessica Grindstaff to Armando Veve as they create their own interpretations of the festival films each using a different letter of the alphabet.

John Waters Shirt, Sundance Institute and Todd Oldham

This is a special collaboration that will add to the creative aura of the festival. “I find independent film to be endlessly inspiring, and the Sundance Film Festival has provided a platform for many of the most creative and prolific films and filmmakers of the past three decades," Oldham says. It is my pleasure that the bag collection, made from recycled banners from prior Sundance Film Festivals, helps to raise funds for Sundance Institute, an amazing organization that protects and supports the future of original storytelling.”

Todd Oldham for Sundance recycled bags, Sundance Institute and Todd Oldham

All items with be available beginning Dec. 17 at the Sundance store website. For information about the merchandise, click here. For more information about the film festival, click here