Our guide for a tour of SLC's haunted spots.

Your tour begins with the disclaimer that you don't have to believe in ghosts, and Story Tours isn't out to be the next Ghost Adventures. Instead, they pride themselves on tales based on first or second hand accounts and nothing further. It's not rumors that someone heard or heard from a relative. This gives it a ring of truth.

Starting behind the Rio Grande, the bus tour begins with a chilling tale about the Purple Lady who has a penchant for the bathroom in the station. 

The Rio Grande Station, home to the "Purple Lady."

From there you hear about ghosts like the woman who likes to play around with the guests at The Hotel Club or the Capitol Theatre's ghost. It's a very entertaining tour, filled with tales you wouldn't expect to be told about local buildings. 

There is, of course, a cemetery stop to look for a local spook with a long and tragic history. 

Now, this is a ghost tour, so it might be too spooky for your youngest, but it is a family friendly tour that promises delightful stories and some hushed chuckles as you try to spook your friend. Who knows, you may see the next Bloody Mary.

Hearing the story of the ghost at Fort Douglas.

Story Tours go on through Halloween, and tours are also offered in Ogden. For more info, visit storytours.com.