Nerves of steel and a big set of screaming lungs are definitely on the “must have” list for Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus. And gentlemen, you might want to pull out your cell phone and make it a date, because you may not find a better chance to get that special someone to hang on to you and not let go this Halloween season.  

With its maze of themed haunted trailers and labyrinth of pitch black corridors, Strangling Brothers is definitely not an adventure for the faint-hearted, leaving your muscles tense and your voice limber, ready to let loose literally at every corner.

From the very beginning, even before you give your tickets, the displays around the line play with your idea of what is man-made and what is real. By the end of the journey, your brain will be so disoriented that you will be fortunate to know which way is up and which way is down. The spectres haunting your every footstep seem to delight in toying with your orientation, taunting you to maintain your fading wits as you weave your way through mazes of jail bars, dead ends, and dizzying strobe lights.

The Strangling Brothers definitely take their frightening job seriously. Bangs, blasts of air, swaying walk ways and claustrophobic, air-filled pillows fill the maze. Inanimate objects come to life and nothing can be taken at face value.  

The impressively realistic actors take on an even more frightening quality as they follow you screeching, contorting and leaping boundaries to grimace at you standing frozen and screaming in your steps.

The seamless blend of outside and inside pathways is sure to make your short visit to the circus seem like a chillingly eternal one. They have an extensive and impressive selection of realistic animation and cutting-edge technology mixed in with their real characters, successfully turning “The Greatest Show on Earth” into “The Scariest Haunt on Earth.”  

If you are looking to get into the Halloween spirit, the Strangling Brothers Circus is all-around a great way to go.

This clip from Strangling Brothers' website is a pretty good sneak peek:

For tickets and more information click here. Strangling Brothers is located on 98 E. 13800 South, Draper and is open Monday–Thursday from 7:30–10 p.m.

Please note that those with extreme claustrophobia and those who have medical conditions caused by crazy strobe lighting should probably reconsider going.