Note: I took the terrible snapshots. The beautiful pictures were taken by Darryl Dobson Photography

Utah artist John Bell  is known for mixing it up. He describes his genre as post-modern mashup, combining print making photography, sculpture, text and performance art

For example, he painted a piano for the internationally travelling artwork, Play Me, I'm Yours.

And most recently, September 28 as a fundraiser for UMOCA

He hosted The Next Supper, a painting and performance mashup in which the viewers become the artists and experience becomes performance. A multi-course meal was served on a long table covered with canvases prepared by Bell to guests who were expected to make art out of their dinner.

In other words, seriously play with their food. In case guests didn't get it, the gallery was hung with Bell's works, including pieces from an earlier version of The Next Supper held in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

The food was by Ryan Lowder of Copper Onion and the chef assured me the menu was designed with finger-painting in mind.

Plenty of wine flowed, thanks to the combined sommelier/serving efforts of Jim Santangelo and Justin Kinnaird.

And although Bell brought the elements together–the food, the table, the people and most importantly, came up with the concept, it's my belief that without sufficient wine, art would not have been made.

Which is probably often the case.

However, after a glass or two, guests were picking up beet chunks and using them as crayons, using dripping candle wax to glue things on to the table canvas and breaking out pens and lipstick to write with.

And here's some of the art:

One assumes Warhol would approve; everyone was an artisst for an evening.