What ever happened to the days when mailboxes weren't filled only with credit card applications and grocery store ads? You know, that time when writing on someone's wall was frowned upon and probably considered graffiti?

Before the days of the Internet and social media there was snail mail: the stuff of good old paper and pen. Back then, people wrote cards and letters, “just because” or to say, “thanks” or, “hey, come to my party!”

Call it convenience, or laziness or whatever you will, times have changed. But before we get lost in a pile of e-invites, emails and Facebook messages, let’s reminisce a time when saying hey was a little more tangible.

I, for one, am all for keeping paper alive, and thankfully there are still lots of resources for that right in our own backyard.

For the green minimalist

A stylishly simple card and envelope repurposed from a paper bag by BrightsideDesign shop on Etsy

For the traditionalist

Vera Wang Fine Papers like these can also be found at Tabula Rasa

For the techy

"Javalopes" recycled from an old Javascript manual from mamacateyes on Etsy

For the foodie

lilyjanestationery shop on Etsy