The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, along with Dark Horse Company Theatre, presents Jekyll & Hyde—The Musical, with seven shows running Oct. 18–28.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, the play follows a man who, in search of a cure for his father, unlocked his murderous side in the streets of 19th century England. 

Gamyr Worf, producer and lighting director for the show, took a few minutes to answer some of the burning questions we had about Dark Horse's new show, after a very successful run of Chicago earlier this summer.

You're known for your elaborate productions. What was the hardest part of staging this one? 

"This production requires, most notably, talent. Especially for the Jekyll/Hyde role. For us, taking on this piece was a challenge, because our talents are considered more fringe and edgy and not as mainstream as this piece is considered. Our take on it is trying to make it closer to the dark and edgy themes we are known for.

Who is your favorite character in this play?

"Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde! The duality of his nature causes you to think about your own duality and what would happen if your dark side were unleashed." 

Were you inspired by any other Jekyll and Hyde productions?

"I hadn't seen it before we selected it. Once we did select it, I had to find some inspiration for the lighting, unfortunately the only one that was available was the David Hasselhoff version, which is not good. It's a more stable show since Hasselhoff, with rewrites and more characters allowed to come to the forefront." 

Why should locals come see this production?

"It's the perfect Halloween piece. It's farfetched enough to be mythical and realistic enough to be creepy. And we have an awesomely strong and talented cast to pull of this piece."