Salt Lake City's Nightmare on 13th Street kicked off the 2012 Halloween season with its Cirque Du Fear. Beware. This means clowns.

The excellent, inventive nightmare maze also included the "Netherbeast" jungle as well as a new spin on last season's "Zombie Apocalypse."

"Netherbeast" turns you into a would-be Indiana Jones anticipating rats, snakes and other mutated demonic creepy crawlies in a jungle, while Mayan carvings remind you that there's an apocalypse only three months away.

The "Zombie Apocalypse" remains a tense ghoulish gauntlet where you evade flesh-eaters at every corner, a government military operation shepherding you to their decontamination facility. Do you have to worry about them as much as the living dead? Whatever the case, this part of the maze will make you postpone your regular dentist check-up.

Fine. Throw beasties and zombies at me. But clowns? Brrr ... the Cirque Du Fear has those members of the world's Most Frightening Profession, cackling madly at you and making you relive traumatic childhood circus experiences. ("IT" anyone? I still hate being in the dark if there's anything circus related in the room because of that dang clown.) On top of that, the sets are psychedelic, disorienting and disturbing.

Worth your time, if you make it out in one piece.

Nightmare on 13th Street, one of Utah's longest running seasonal haunted houses, delivers chills and thrills now through Nov. 3 (closed Sundays.) Visit for more information, including how to bypass that line with VIP tickets.


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