Victoria Topham

Piñon Market & Café, 2095 E. 1300 South,  SLC, 801-582-4539

Topham prefers desserts with a frankly homemade look to the schooled style of a specialized baker. Her apple cranberry crumble tart combines the favorite holiday seasonal fruits and can be prepped in several steps.

Tips from the Chef:

Making a crisp instead of a tart eliminates the need for pastry.  

Consider your prep steps so you can divide the work into several days; this is usually possible with desserts.

Always chill your pie/tart dough prior to baking to prevent slumping and shrinkage.

Bake pies in Pyrex pie pans for better and more even browning and cooking.  

Bake pies and tarts closer to the floor of the oven for the nicest crust.

Place the pie/tart on a rimmed baking sheet before placing it in the oven to catch drips. 

Individual desserts make each guest feel special.  

For garnishes, you can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

WEB EXTRA: Click here for the recipe.

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