Stephanie Krizman

The Bakery at Windy Ridge, 1750 Ironhorse Dr., Park City, 435-647-2906

Krizman's holiday extravagance depends on a complex interplay of elements more than flashy display. A fresh apricot, poached in honey with chamomile ice cream and a piece of fresh honeycomb, garnished with a strawberry and a borage flower, a paisley swoosh of fruit sauce with gelee confetti and a cloud of pink spun sugar.

Tips from the Chef:

Garnish desserts with flavor indicators that complement the ingredients used in the dessert. For example, use a toasted cinnamon stick to garnish an apple tart that has cinnamon in the filling.  

Add candied and toasted nuts
for texture and crunch.  

Fruit scraps can be blended with sugar
to create a quick and easy sauce that
can be drizzled over any dessert to add colorful flair and freshness. 

Consider your serving utensils.
Vintage platters, bowls and plates can make a simple dessert look dramatic and classy. 

Edible flowers, seasonal fruits and herbs add color and aroma to the plate. If you can’t find them in a local specialty food shop, order at 

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