Romina Rasmussen

Les Madeleines, 216 E. 500 South, SLC, 801-355-2294

Rasmussen's fantasy is a magical take on a croquembouche, the traditional French wedding cake constructed of bite-sized cream puffs stacked into a tall cone. She colored the molten sugar and interspersed red sugar globes among the cream puffs. Built on a base of red sugar and lit from below, the creation takes on a fantastical quality, suitable for the season, and very atypical of Romina’s usual decorating style. 

Tips From the Chef:

Go for a geometric design. Instead of squiggling melted chocolate on top of a cookie, makes neat lines with a pastry bag.

Dots, small and precisely placed, are another way to add decoration simply.

Exact multiples enhance displays of cookies and bars.  

Use shaped scoops to get away from the usual rounds. Rasmussen’s coconut macaroons are made with a cube scoop and dipped diagonally in chocolate. 

Tip: For specialty equipment, like cube and heart-shaped scoops, go to

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