Have you ever thought much about the land you live on? Work on? Play on? The upcoming exhibit called Land/Gaze featuring artist Thomas Aaron is open to the public now through Friday November 2 at Nox Contemporary. In this exhibit Aaron explores  the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) which imposed a survey grid across most of the land west of the Mississippi. The land is divided into a grid of six mile square townships, which are further divided into thirty-six one-mile square sections. Which are even further divided. All of these divisions are regulated by the PLSS.

UT T8S R1WS32 Artist Thomas Aaron

“This grid was initially an invisible human construct, conceptually rational, arbitrary and imperfect in application” Aaron explains. “Because of the length of time of its existence and the rigidity of its makeup, the land has slowly been shaped to the geometry of the grid. The land becomes a tabula rasa to shaped and determined by those who claim the right to contain it. My work is an attempt to explore the visual results of that reinvention.”

UT T1S R19W Artist Thomas Aaron

The exhibit is called LAND/GAZE and will be open to the public now through Friday, November 2. There will be two receptions: One on September 21 and another on October 19, both are part of Gallery Stroll.

To learn more, read Ehren Clark’s article “Pathways to the Land” published in this month’s edition of 15 Bytes. 

Laura Durham is assitant editor at 15 Bytes, Utah's Art magazine, and is a contributor for Salt Lake magazine.