With today’s bustling busy world of cars and planes, one often forgets how to truly enjoy their town on foot. How often do we just walk through downtown, appreciating the sites?

Walking: Salt Lake City hopes to change, a new title in the Wilderness Press Walking series, caters to tourists who have never been to Salt Lake along with locals who have forgotten the beauty of city.

Authors Lynn Arave and Ray Boren, who have enjoyed longtime careers writing and photographing for area media, co-wrote the book. Both worked at the Deseret News where Lynn was a writer and editor for 31 years while Ray was an award-winning photographer and occasional writer.

The book includes 34 walking tours of well-known locales such as Temple Square, 9th and 9th and Capitol Hill, along with some secluded and forgotten locations like the Miller Bird Preserve and the appropriately named Hidden Hollow.

Some of the best features of the book are the clear maps depicting each of the walks, parking and public transit info, at-a-glance summaries and points of interest appendices. Thoughtfully designed, this guide offers precise directions, easy to follow summaries and tips about inviting eateries and shopping havens.

This book caters to the bustling family of four and the cute couple looking for a romantic picnic spot. It also features local restaurants as well as some chain restaurants that are convenient to the walks.

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